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Over the last 6 years I have had the pleasure of selling and delivering services to Olivier. Over this time I have observed excellent leadership skills across several strong and diverse teams. Oliver is incredibly gifted and is one of very few Sr. leaders who understand the ever evolving digital landscape. He has a deep understanding of technical architecture and systems, which coupled with his visionary nature and strong digital strategy skills make him the top 5% of all digital executives. He has a proven track record of success which speaks for itself. And finally he has a talent for building strong teams who can execute his strategy and vision. Olivier is an asset to any organization.
Brent Richards
General Manager
Accenture Interactive Software
We worked with Olivier for a number of years at both Sony Entertainment and Sony Corporation. Olivier is a visionary, and drove the web marketing strategy in developing the Sony Playstation Network from inception to a larger network than any cable company in the US. He is terrific to work with and we hope we get a chance to work with Olivier in the future..
Peter Damon
Vice President Business Development
Siegel & Gale
It is my privilege to endorse Olivier. Olivier has a gift of being both a strategic thinker and a tactical RockStar. I have always been impressed with Olivier's ability to include a large number of people from many different corporate disciplines, organize their thoughts and have them all be excited to work toward and achieve a unified goal.
Carter Lipscomb
Sr. Director, Publisher Relations
Sony Computer Entertainment
Olivier is a thoughtful and effective marketer. He deeply understands the marketplace, emerging standards and tools, and is at the top of his game in digital customer experience and commerce. As he reviews vendors and new technology, he clearly embraces big challenges and has led process change and new infrastructure development on a global scale. I'm going to miss working with Olivier as he leaves Sony for his next challenge--very confident that our paths will cross again in the future.
Tony Pribyl
Client Solutions, Strategic Sales Leadership
I worked with Olivier at Sony Playstation. Olivier has clear vision and the tenacity to take on any challenge. If there is a project to get done, Oliver is the person to make it happen.
David Raycroft
VP Product Strategy and Operations
Milyoni, Inc.
Olivier is a sophisticated, strategic digital marketer who really understands the new world for big brands and retailers. He led some significant transformation that were innovative, and has been a pleasure to work with.
Wes Nichols
Co-Founder, CEO,
Olivier worked in my organization at HDS as the Director of Web Marketing. He was brought onboard to completely revamp and modernize the company's online capabilities. Olivier delivered a great strategy and vision for a unified web platform. More importantly, Olivier was able to execute major elements of the strategy with very tight resources. He was always able to think out of the box and jump over whatever hurdle was placed before him. Olivier is an outstanding web marketing executive and would be a great leader for any company that wants to improve their customer's and partner's online experience.
Brenda Peffer
Vice President of Global Marketing
Hitachi Data Systems