"A successful digital customer experience is
driven by a holistic digital strategy that:"

Aligns with business goals
Fosters customer engagement
Delivers tangible value
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Creating Share-Worthy Digital Experiences
Website Magazine
"A Successful Digital Experience is the Combination of a well-thought-out Brand Experience and a Robust Data Engine"
Published in the February 2013 edition of WebsiteMagazine.com.
We are starting a new chapter in the digital era, one that is governed by two emerging trends, the "always on" lifestyle and Big Data. But surprisingly, there has been little insight into their impact on a digital brand strategy.
The Emerging Chief Digital Officer
Website Magazine
"Who is Responsible for the Digital Consumer Experience?"
Published in the September 2012 edition of WebsiteMagazine.com.
Digital marketing has become the primary marketing vehicle for many companies, large and small. As consumer continue to adopt an "always-on" lifestyle with little downtime from their digital devices, organizations face mounting challenges to reach their audiences across multiple digital mediums.
Web Strategy: A Call For Unification
Website Magazine
"A balanced Web strategy is key to your successful online presence today"
Published in the August 2012 edition of WebsiteMagazine.com.
Today's digital world is inevitably governed by the principles of multi-channel and multi-screen attribution modeling. New digital channels such as social networks are thriving due to the proliferation of smart phones and tablets, making it crucial for companies to optimize the effectiveness of their online initiatives for all channels in play.
No Looking Back
Business 2.0
"The midday siesta is a faded memory for many ambitious foreigners seduced by the U.S. Net boom."
Posted on May 1, 2000 - Business 2.0 Magazine - Danielle Svetcov
Olivier Naimi is far from the seaside ramparts of his hometown, Antibes, France. These days, the 30-year-old senior production manager spends most days (and many nights) in San Mateo, Calif., inside a concrete office building...
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Creating a Data-Driven Organization: Practical Advice from the Trenches

By Carl Anderson

"The [chief digital officer] understands and leverages business intelligence data, empowering organization's user psychologies and consumer profiles in response to brand messaging," said Olivier Naimi, senior director of the global web platform and analytics for Sony.

"O'Reilly Media, Inc.", Jul 23, 2015 - Business & Economics - 302 pages About this book

Three Emerging Trends Drive Digital Business
Climbing The Digital Experience Maturity Ladder Through An Integrated Technology Approach
October 27, 2014 – Gartner Consulting
The road to digital business starts with ubiquitous “smart” things that will range from contact lenses that measure blood glucose to complex industrial turbines that can predict a failed bearing before it happens. This proliferation of devices is part of a “virtuous circle of smart things,” where falling costs inspire increased connectivity, leading to greater functionality, growing diversity (in the types of smart things) and then, rising ubiquity in the volume of smart things.
Corporate websites ranked as the top digital activity for marketing "success"
Gartner Finds Corporate Websites Still A Higher Digital Marketing Priority For U.S. Marketers Than Facebook — Just
March 13, 2013 – Gartner Consulting (Courtesy of http://techcrunch.com)
If you thought corporate websites were gathering the equivalent of digital dust as marketers moonlight on social media to lure in the punters, think again. According to a new poll of U.S. marketers conducted by Gartner, corporate websites are ranked as the top digital activity for marketing “success” — beating marketing on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Social media marketing, however, ranked as the next most important activity, equal in importance to online advertising.
The Age Of Customer Obsession Has Arrived
Climbing The Digital Experience Maturity Ladder Through An Integrated Technology Approach
August 2012 – Forrester Consulting (Courtesy of e-spirit.com)
In this age of the customer, sustainable competitive advantage is tightly linked to knowledge of and successful engagement with customers. But marketing and IT struggle to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Why? Because companies struggle to embrace the proliferation of channels (e.g., web, print, mobile, smart TVs, etc.); implement tools that are IT-centric versus marketing-centric; sit on a mountain of data and content that isn’t managed properly; and use siloed rather than integrated technology solutions to support customer experiences.
The Evolved CMO, 2012
A Joint Research Project by Forrester Research and Heidrick & Struggles
October 2012 - Forrester Research and Heidrick & Struggles
The role of the CMO is changing, as empowered consumers and customers use technology to drive their voice into the conversation with brands. In 2011, Forrester Research and Heidrick & Struggles partnered to survey nearly 200 CMOs globally about their role as the leader of the marketing organization and how they interact across the broader enterprise.
Measuring The Total Economic Impact Of Customer Engagement
A Multi-Company ROI Analysis
September 2010 – Forrester Consulting
With greater access to information, more sensitivity to price, and less sensitivity to advertising, today’s customers are harder to win and keep. The key to acquiring and retaining customers in this environment is to engage them — to participate in an ongoing, two-way conversation with customers that creates.
Event Speaker
Banks Big Data Strategy and Customer Experience Management - American Banking Advanced Training Courses Seminar - September & November 2014
Digital Customer Engagement Strategy - Stanford Faculty Club (SFSU Business Seminar) - September 2013.